Page 48 - North American Clean Energy March/April 2020 Issue
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     solar product spotlight: metal fabrication for solar structures
 Metal Fabrication for Solar Structures
Customized shapes and formed structures designed to mount, secure, and support solar panels are a significant component to any reliable solar power project. This is where processes such as roll forming and extrusion come into play. The following highlights some of the main companies involved in metal fabrication processes for solar components and related support structures.
 Alexandria Industries
Process/Technology: Custom aluminum extrusions; precision machining;
bending and stretch forming; finishing; heatsinks; plastic injection and foam molding; assembly; and welding.
Materials: Aluminum alloys in the 6000 series: 6005A, 6060, 6061, 6063, 6082, 6463, and 6560. Machine materials: low/high carbon steels, alloy steel, stainless steels, aluminum, brass/bronzes, gray/ductile irons, and plastics. Injection molding materials: polypropylene; acetal; polyethylene; ABS; high density polyethylene; TPU; polyurethane; TPO; polycarbonate; TPE; nylon Sizing: Aluminum extrusion press sizes: 3.5", 7", 10" Shapes/Structures: Custom aluminum extruded shapes
    RPM Rollformed Metal Products Ltd.
Custom rollformed metals, product assembly, and project development
Materials: Steel: Pre- Galvanized (ASTM A-653), CRS, HRPO, Galvalume, Gavanneal, Chrome Coated Steel; Aluminum Alloys; Various types of stainless steel; Copper; Brass
Sizing: Aluminum Thickness from 0.0180" up to Galvanized Steel - 0.168"
Custom, Dedicated, and Standard - Angles, U - C - Z Channels. Flat, Complex, Non-Welded Tube, Welded Aluminum Tube, Other
Key Features:
• 27 rollforming lines;
• 3 fabricating facilities;
• Dedicated and standard tooling;
• Engineering support;
• Metallurgist support.
Johnson Bros
Roll Forming Co. Process/Technology: Modernized equipment and tooling designed to offer roll forming services with the latest automated technology, including: pre-notching; pre-punching; cut-to- length; and post-fabricating, combined with the cut-length operations
Materials: All metals, including: ferrous and non-ferrous in either plain or pre-anodized; pre-painted; pre-laminated; pre-embossed; perforated; duplex; special alloy; pre-hard tempers; and more
Sizing: 0.005" to 0.150" thickness, and coil widths up to 20" wide before forming; maximum height of profiles 5.25" in the vertical axis Shapes/Structures: Profiles; panel frames; reflectors; trim; support structure framing;
Hat shapes; C-channels; U-channels; Zees; rings; and many other custom shapes for solar components
Samson Roll Formed Products Company Process/Technology: Over 40 production lines offering custom roll forming services including a fully integrated service to develop, engineer, produce, and package component parts or finished products. Additional services provided include: pre- and post-punching/ notching, secondary stamping, assembly, and Run and Ship Programs
Materials: Pre-coated, painted, anodized, embossed, galvanized, or laminated metals Sizing: Range for finished profiles: 0.005" to 0.250" Thickness, 3⁄4" to 12" Slit Width, 6" to 480" Length, Up to 4" Maximum Part Depth Shapes/Structures: Parabolic shaped channels, C, U, and hat channels, in a range of different coating weights, for use as brackets, photovoltaic array supports, or solar panel framing/trim, and other custom shapes for the solar industry.
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