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    solar product spotlight: tracking systems
 Tracking Systems
An advanced mounting system for photovoltaic panels, solar trackers maximize the sun’s energy by tracking its progress across the sky. Versatile enough to provide highly efficient solutions for both large and small projects, solar trackers can generate more electricity in the same area as their fixed-tilt counterparts. Below, we explore some of the solar tracking systems available on the market today.
      Solar FlexRack Tracker Name: TDP 2.0
Type of Tracker: Single-axis
Drive System: Slew drive (2.0) and actuator
Pile Count: 6.panels per post
Modules per Row: 90
Module Mount: Rails (direct bolt)
Slope Tolerance: 10% (2.0), 10% (1.0)
Tracking Range: +/- 55° (2.0), +/- 45° (1.0)
Standard Configuration: 1x90 , 1x84, 1x72, 1x81 (2.0) 1x54, 1x60, 1x52, 1x36 (1.0)
Preventative Maintenance Required: None
Tracker Power Consumption: 31kWh per tracker/year
Certifications: UL 2703 Key Features:
• More modules per row (up to 90);
• Rotational range of 110° (± 55°);
• Optimized for 1000V and 1500V modules;
• Low per-unit fixed costs for BOS savings and more;
• Available with Self-Powered Option for crystalline and thin film solar modules.
Tracker Name: SP7 Single-Axis Tracker
Type of Tracker: Horizontal single-axis
Drive System: Enclosed slewing drive, DC motor
Tracker Length: 147' 12" (45.1m) Tracker Height: 12' 12" (3.95m) Pile Count: 7 piles per 90 modules Modules per Row: 90
Module Mount: Omega rails with cinches, rivets, or bolts
Slope Tolerance: n/s 17%; e/w unlimited Tracking Range: 120° +
Standard Configuration: 2 x 45
Preventative Maintenance Required:
Tracker Power Consumption: 249kwh/ MW-year
Certifications: UL 3703, IEC 62817, EN 1090, IEC 61326-1
Key Features:
• Limited shadowing, high bifacial performance;
• Best captures early and late day bifacial potential;
• No special parts or installation operations;
• All other Soltec’s SF7 cost- effectiveness features included.
   FTC Solar Tracker Name: Voyager
Type of Tracker: Single axis tracker Drive System: Slew drive
Tracker Length: 197ft (60m) Tracker Height: 6.2ft (1.9m)
Preventative Maintenance Required:
Tracker Power Consumption: All self-powered except Zone controller: 55KWh/year
Certifications: UL 2703, UL 3703, IEC EC 62817
Key Features:
• Low installed cost with 60% fewer posts;
• Optimized bi-facial performance;
• Design flexibility, 20 to 60 GCR;
• Reliable self powered drive and control system, 3 day autonomy.
 Pile Count: 7 piles per row, 175 per MW
Modules per Row: 120
Module Mount: Rails
Slope Tolerance: N/S 17.5% E/W is terrain following
Tracking Range: +/-60° Standard Configuration: 2P
 Sustainable Energy Management Systems, LLC
Tracker Name: HSAT7200
Type of Tracker: Horizontal Single Axis Drive System: Linear Actuator
Tracker Length: 26.82ft (8.175m) per section Tracker Height: 6ft (2m)
Pile Count: 1pile per 12 modules
Modules per Row: 288
Module Mount: Rails, Dual Clamp
Slope Tolerance: N to S 15%
Tracking Range: +/-50°
Standard Configuration: Landscape Preventative Maintenance Required: None Tracker Power Consumption: 14kWh per Actuator
North American Clean Energy
Deger Canada
Tracker Name: Deger S100-PF-DR
Type of Tracker: Single-axis, dual-axis
Drive System: Maintenance free rotary drive Tracker Length: 2 x 137.5ft (41.91m) Tracker Height: 6.6ft (2m)
Pile Count: 9
Modules per Row: 84
Module Mount: Rails, clamps
Slope Tolerance: 10°
Tracking Range: 50°, 70°
Standard Configuration: Portrait Preventative Maintenance Required: None
Tracker Power Consumption: 6kWh/year Certifications: CE, UL
Key Features:
• DEGER manufactures a large product portfolio of single and dual-axis solar tracking systems;
• The “Maximum Light Detection” or MLD sensor constantly aligns the connected solar modules to the point that provides the greatest energy yield;
• Since 1999, DEGER has more than 100,000 projects implemented in over 64 countries.

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