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   solar product spotlight: solar structures & carports
   Kinetic Solar Product: Solar Awning
Roof Inclination: 60°
Height Clearance: Variable
Depth: Variable
Configuration: Awning
Panel Type: Most 60- and 72-cell panels Power Generated: Variable
Key Features:
• Steep angle prevents heavy snow buildup;
• Single piece frame installs quickly;
• Uses standard Rapid Rail and mounting hardware;
• Generate power while providing shade to existing windows or doors.
    Baja Carports
Product: Full Cantilever T w/ bolted
Roof Inclination: Roof tilt angle of 5° to 15°
Height Clearance: 7' to 25' engineered clearance
Depth: Covers two rows of parking, provides maximum vehicle clearance and maximum space coverage
Space-to-Column ratio: 2:1 typical with 4:1 max
Configuration: Pre-fabricated galvanized steel with bolted connections, purlins directly attached to beams. No additional racking system required
Options: Tapered or straight beams, wide- flange (W beam) or structural steel [HSS] columns, trim fascia, and can be painted on-site. Additionally, the Full Cantilever
T is compatible for accessories (installed by others), EV stations, and LED lights. Its columns can be acceptable for either wrapped columns or concrete bollards
Panel type: Neutral, can design engineered to any panel size
Power generated: Based on module vendor selection, orientation (portrait or landscape), and location. Baja can accommodate proposed PV layout specifications and improved integration
Certifications: Licensed (registered) general contractor. Licensed (registered) engineers. Baja Carports has the credentials to work in all 50 states
Key Features:
• Covers two (2) rows of parking, provides maximum vehicle clearance and maximum space coverage;
• Engineered to meet live loads up to 60psf and wind speeds to 160mph per local jurisdiction building codes;
• Maximizes solar panel production and coverage in either portrait or landscape to achieve and meet property’s project’s needs;
• All steel components are pre- fabricated for fast assembly and installation on-site;
• Custom engineering allows for compatibility with all solar panel sizes and manufacturers.
   Skyline Solar of AZ Product: Solar Carport Structures Roof Inclination: 0° to 15°
Height clearance: 7' to 25'
Depth: 10' to 50'
Space-to-Column ratio: 2:1 to 6:1 Configuration: Landscape or portrait
Options: Single or double cantilevered, double post and beam, straight or tapered beams, exposed piers, deck, painted or galvanized
EV charging: Charging station can be attached to the columns
Panel type: Specified by integrator
Certifications: AISC Certified fabrication shop, OSHA Certified / CPR trained crews, Certified field welders
Scarlet Solar
Product: TiltPort, a solar-tracking carport
Roof inclination: from -30° to +30°
Height clearance: 9', 11', 14', or more upon request
Depth: 10 car size, several options available Space-to-Column ratio: Spacing between
columns can be set from 27' to 43' Configuration: Several optional available
Options: Waterproof / non-waterproof, bifacial panels, customizable
EV charging: Can be added Panel type: Panel agnostic
Power Generated: Up to 2300KWh/Kw, up to 103,500KWh per year
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