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    solar product spotlight: solar structures & carports
 Solar Structures & Carports
Solar power carports and structures take full advantage of large areas, such as parking lots, for the purpose of producing electricity while, at the same time, providing shade and a covered area for users. Gaining popularity over recent years, these solar structures are ideal for generating renewable power without sacrificing valuable real estate. The following listing offers details about some of the more popular options available on the market today.
Preformed Line Products Product: Solar Carport
Roof Inclination: 0˚, 5˚, and 10˚ tilt options, positive or negative
Height clearance: Depth:
Space-to-Column ratio: Columns span two parking spaces wide
Configuration: Designs for single or double rows of cars
EV charging: Panel type: Power Generated:
Certifications: 30psf Snow and 120mph Wind (ASCE 7-10)
Key Features:
• Six main components – no on-site welding;
• Purlin extensions adjust to any width module;
• Bottom access clamping eliminates working above modules;
• Foundation design, engineering, and layout provided;
• Shared module clamps – up to 50% fewer clamps.
     RBI Solar Product: CP-G
Roof Inclination: Any
Depth: Varies Space-to-Column ratio: Varies Configuration: Any
Options: Water management (decking, gutter, downspout), painted/epoxy coated finish, facia trim, snow/ice guard, raised columns
EV charging: Yes
Panel type: Compatible with all
commercially available module type Power Generated: Varies
Key Features:
• Customizable layout dependent on existing garage structure;
• Flat, low-slope, louvered, or East/ West module orientation designs.
    Solar CarPorTTM System Tier 1 Commercial Carport
Kern Solar Structures’ Solar CarPorTTM System is a premium grade commercial carport manufactured using structural steel, and can be installed in 3-5 days.
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Structural Solar LLC Product: Solar Carports, canopies,
pavilions, ground-mounts
Roof Inclination: 0° to 25°
Height Clearance: Unlimited
Depth: up to 60'
Space-to-Column ratio: Columns typically on 27' centers
Configuration: All types
Options: Architectural options, roofing,
lighting, charging stations EV Charging: Yes
Panel Type: All types of modules including bi-facial frameless modules in water management system
Power Generated: No limit Certifications: AISC certified fabrication
and coating
Poly-Tex Solar
Product: Solar parking structure
Roof Inclination: 0° to 30°
Height clearance: Based on customer and code requirements
Depth: Unique to each configuration
Configuration: Wide variety of custom designs available for parking ramps and parking lots
Options: Hot-dip galvanizing, field painting EV charging: Easily incorporated
Panel type: Poly-Tex will design and engineer to any panel size
Power Generated: Based on the module type and PV layout. Poly-Tex will design and engineer to current footprint or required system size
Certifications: Licensed engineer, certified welders, and over 30 years of experience in structural design and manufacturing

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