Page 40 - North American Clean Energy March/April 2020 Issue
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    solar product spotlight: solar structures & carports
   Kern Solar Structures Product: Solar CarPort
Roof Inclination: 2°, 5°, 7°
Height clearance: 10' to 15'
Depth: 20' to 40'
Space-to-Column ratio: 2:1, 3:1, 4:1
Configuration: Single, double, inverted cantilever
Options: Custom options available
EV charging: Compatible with any charger
Panel type: Any full frame panel with a height of 35mm to 48mm
Power Generated: Varies Certifications: UL 2703, UL-467 bonding
Key Features:
• Structure installation takes 3-5 days with a 3-5 man crew;
• Modular design to fit any site;
• Highly customizable with coatings, accessories, lighting, and branding options;
• Designed for 30+ year lifetime;
• Manufactured in the US, using 100% solar energy and 88% recycled structural steel.
   Inovateus Solar
Product: Solar Carport
Roof inclination: 7°
Height clearance: 14' 6"
Space-to-Column ratio: 18'
Configuration: East/West Facing V-Shaped
Product: Solar carports and solar
Roof inclination: 0° to 15°
Height clearance: 9' typical, 30' maximum
Depth: up to 90' Space-to-Column ratio: 18' - 36'
Options: Architectural options, roofing, lighting
EV Charging: Available Panel type: Canadian Solar
including bi-facial frameless
Power generated: 15516 MWh/ year
Configuration: Portrait or landscape
Options: Sheet metal roofing
EV charging: Can be designed in
Panel type: Any standard aluminum framed module
   Quest Renewables
Product: QuadPod solar canopies
Roof Inclination: 0° to 10° tilt
Height Clearance: 9' to 16'
Depth: 14' to 46'
Space-to-Column ratio: 10 spaces per column
Configuration: Long span, double cantilever, parking garage
Options: Battery storage, inverter mounting, lighting, marine environment coating, water capture, snow retention
EV Charging: Yes
Panel Type: All panel types
Power Generated: Varies based on panels selected, site specific
Certifications: UL 2703 Bonding and Grounding
M Bar C Construction Product: Design/Build Solar Carports
and Canopies
Roof Inclination: 0 to 7°
Options: Module installation, underside decking, top side decking, concrete bollards, paint, hot dip galvanizing, aesthetic features
EV charging: Optional
Panel type: Any
Panel type: Based on project size
Certifications: General Contractor, Structural Steel Contractor, Certified Welders

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