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Rescue assist for workers at height

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Anchor Bolts / Fastening Systems

Brand-new image capturing system

Sulzer Schmid’s 3DX AutoPilot is upgraded with a brand-new image capturing system, to ensure cryst..

All-in-one solution to cut, strip, and crimp single wires

Weidmuller USA has unveiled the new stripax plus tool that can cut, strip, and crimp single wires in..

Reliable and fuel efficient crawler cranes

The ALL Family of Companies is adding a new package of Kobelco G-3 Series hydraulic crawler cranes t..

Fit, dexterity, and A2 cut protection

Brass Knuckle SmartCut (BKCR303) offers triple-threat benefits with A2 cut protection, dexterity, an..

App to improve port operations

Parsons Corporation joined the Port of Oakland, California, Advent eModal, Mobile Programming and ke..

Chest ascender and point of attachment

The Ninja MultiAscend is available and now shipping. It is engineered to provide increased efficienc..

Small sized crimping tool

Weidmuller USA has developed and launched the PZ 2.5 S, a small professional crimping tool for wire ..

Rescue assist for workers at height

TSL's SPARK (Small Package Assisted Rescue Kit) is  a micro-assisted rescue kit, compact, versa..

Climb easy and climb on

The C7 Cable Climbing Sleeve is a fall arresting sleeve designed to be up to 25% lighter and provide..

Optimize offtake strategy

Clir Renewables has released new technology to model the variability of hourly energy production. Po..

Customized wire harness solutions

SCHURTER’s wire harness solutions with ready-to-connect cables, cable bundles, and complete wire h..

High flash point, bio-based hydraulic fluid 

Bio-Ultimax1000, a biosynthetic formula that directly replaces mineral oil based hydraulic fluids, h..

Wear all-day lifejacket for offshore wind workers

The new ErgoFit SOLAS lifejacket from Survitec’s lifejacket brand, Crewsaver, offers safety, comfo..

One-stop service concept for wind drivetrains

With Service 360, Winergy offers a service concept for drivetrains that can be individually adapted ..

Advanced hearing protection with extended wearing comfort

Pyramex’s Passive Pro Series Base Level PPM1 Earmuff is designed for hardworking men and women who..

Improved lift for large onshore cranes

ENABL offers a wide range of production and site solutions for the wind turbine industry, and has ju..