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Zinc Battery Initiative Welcomes Versatile Developer Printed Energy

10 Jan 2023

Zinc Battery Initiative (ZBI), the voice of the zinc battery industry, welcomes Australian battery developer Printed Energy to its rapidly expanding membership. ZBI represents leading zinc battery manufacturers, including Printed Energy, a deep tech early-stage company building printable batteries, with R&D and manufacturing in United States. 

Printed Energy’s Zinc Ion Batteries are thin, flexible, non-toxic, and can be shaped and scaled for a variety of applications, including smart tags and labels, wearables, medical supplies, tags for timed sporting events, and other internet of things (IoT) uses. 

Formed in late 2020, ZBI advocates for the adoption of high-performance, rechargeable zinc battery products. Its members produce batteries for numerous applications, from powering naval submarines and electric vehicles to providing backup power for microgrids, homes, traffic signals and data centers. 

“We are thrilled to welcome Printed Energy to our membership. Printed Energy’s next-generation printed batteries creatively utilize zinc to enable innovative technology for a wide range of applications,” said Dr. Josef Daniel-Ivad, Manager of the Zinc Battery Initiative. “Their ability to design and print zinc batteries in any shape and any size combined with their ability to configure in supporting flexible circuitry provides customers with unique design options and cost advantages.”

George Linscott, President and CEO of Printed Energy, added, “We are pleased to partner with the Zinc Battery Initiative and work alongside peers who are untapping the potential of zinc-based technologies to support clean energy efforts. This is an exciting time for the energy industry, and we look forward to the many benefits associated with joining ZBI.”  

Both ZBI and Printed Energy share a commitment to promoting zinc’s abundance, sustainability, recyclability, and durability – qualities that lead to zinc batteries’ growing share in the energy storage market and future disruptive wearable and IoT devices. ZBI’s other members include ZincFive, Zinc8, Salient Energy, Urban Electric Power, e-Zinc, Redflow, Enzinc, Enerpoly, ZAF Energy Systems, AEsir Technologies, Inc., Imprint Energy, and Zēlos.

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