U.K.-based EV Charging Innovator Evyve Selects Sitetracker for Large-Scale Roll-Out

Sitetracker, the leader in deployment operations management, announced that U.K.-based Evyve, a rapidly expanding EV charging company, has selected it to help deploy and manage its hundreds of EV charging stations across England, Scotland, and Wales. Evyve's charging stations are already widely available at retail and leisure outlets, business parks, and restaurants, and with Sitetracker, the company will be able to more quickly deploy even more stations to help drivers transition to clean energy more quickly.

Evyve is a joint venture between EVY Infrastructure Partners and Peel NRE. Peel NRE's portfolio includes diverse energy projects in pursuit of sustainable growth and helping the U.K. achieve net zero by 2050. Sitetracker has been a cornerstone of hundreds of companies working toward creating a sustainable future by deploying EV charging stations, solar infrastructure, and innovative new technologies like smart rail systems that reduce carbon emissions in freight transportation.

"As the UK makes the switch from petrol and diesel vehicles to EVs, there is an increasing demand for charging infrastructure, and we are poised to fill that demand with Sitetracker," said Sebastian Hymas, Head of Operations for Evyve. "A lack of charging infrastructure is often cited as one of the biggest barriers to EV adoption in the U.K. With Sitetracker, we can more quickly and effectively install EV chargers at scale, so drivers have the convenience they need to make the transition."

Evyve leveraged Sitetracker's Quickstart solution to get up and running on the platform in weeks. Sitetracker's customization and scalability have given Evyve the foundation it needs to accurately conduct site identification and streamline workflows. Sitetracker provides Evyve a single source of truth and real-time data insights into:

  • Site acquisition, permitting, and surveys to reduce potential delays
  • Centralized data and reporting on construction, project progress, revenue, and funding
  • Field team resources and third-party contractors.

"Evyve and other start-up EV charging companies, are critical links in the U.K.'s effort to achieve its stated carbon-reduction goals," said Giuseppe Incitti, CEO of Sitetracker. "Watching innovative companies like Evyve tackle this existential problem while building the clean-energy economy is gratifying. Helping them execute their business plan is equally satisfying."

Almost half of all electric charging points in the United States have been deployed by Sitetracker customers. As more companies take advantage of sustainable-energy investments across the globe, Sitetracker's presence in Europe, Asia, Australia, and Africa is growing at a rapid pace, to over 100 countries worldwide.

Sitetracker | https://www.sitetracker.com/

Evyve | https://evyve.co.uk/