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TROES Secures ROFR and Exclusive BESS agreement with Key Channel Partners to Enhance Market Positioning and Reach

09 Mar 2023

TROES is thrilled to announce some exciting news for the new year that reflects the strength and popularity of our Battery Energy Storage supplying solutions to the right group of target customers.  

We have recently signed two important agreements with two strong channel partners that will enhance our market positioning and expand our reach. First, we have secured a Right of First Refusal (ROFR) agreement with EG Energy. The ROFR gives TROES the first priority to supply EG Energy Battery Energy Storage System in their projects.   

Regarding EG Energy:

EG Energy provides civil, structural and electrical engineering services, is also a leading Canadian Solar EPC company with capacity of 18MW and more than 200 renewable projects in Canada.  

Secondly, we have also secured an Exclusive Battery Energy Storage Supply Agreement with PACS Energy Solutions. 

Regarding PACS Energy Solution:

Since 2007, PACS Energy Solutions has provided their Power Application Correction Systems to hundreds of commercial and industrial clients across North America. 

With this agreement, TROES will work closely with PACS to integrate our BESS technology to their overall power solution to their existing and new clients in proper projects, with an intentional 6MWh booking over the next 24 months.

Those two strong agreements will allow us to expand our market presence and drive business growth and revenues.