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The Mobility House Reports 120,000+ Pounds of CO2 Emissions Reduced by Stockton Unified School District’s New Electric Bus Fleet

07 Dec 2021

The Mobility House announced Stockton Unified School District has reduced over 120,000 pounds of carbon emissions since the start of the 2021 school year, or equivalent of consuming 5,000 gallons of diesel fuel. Leveraging The Mobility House’s smart charging and energy management system ChargePilot, the district continues to ensure all buses remain available for assigned routes while minimizing charging costs. In conjunction with California Energy Commission’s new blueprint grant, The Mobility House will also use the district’s 92 vehicle fleet to analyze charging requirements, operations and potential vehicle-to-grid (V2G) revenue opportunities for other school districts.

“Seeing Stockton Unified School District’s electric buses now in action, and measuring their early positive impact on the community, is perfect momentum for The Mobility House to carry into the STN EXPO,” said Zoheb Davar, director of business development and growth for The Mobility House. “On their path to becoming the nation’s leading zero-emission school district, Stockton’s electrification initiatives are a blueprint for schools across the country to proactively reduce their carbon footprint while streamlining fleet operations.”

The Mobility House’s ChargePilot software intelligently optimizes the charging performance of electric bus fleets. Based on factors like real-time travel schedules, battery life, local utility rates and peak demand charges, ChargePilot delivers reliable, clean transportation at the lowest cost to fleet operators. In addition to Stockton Unified School District, ChargePilot has been deployed at more than 500 electric charging installations, including Ocean View School District as well as at the largest U.S. and European fleets. 

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