Sunnova and FranklinWH Launch First-of-Its-Kind Solar Power Battery to Revolutionize Energy Storage for Multi-Family Homes

Sunnova Energy International, Inc. (“Sunnova”) (NYSE: NOVA), a leading U.S. Energy as a Service (EaaS) provider, and FranklinWH Energy Storage Inc., a leader in whole-home energy management, announced the launch of a first-of-its-kind 208V compliant battery. Sunnova New Homes is the exclusive provider of the FranklinWH 120/208V battery for multi-family homes.

“We are bringing Sunnova’s industry-leading solar and battery storage service offerings to multi-family homes with the largest and most powerful battery to enhance the lives of homeowners and offer peace of mind,” said Dirk Korte, VP of National Homebuilder Sales at Sunnova. “Each 208-volt battery has 13.6 kWh of storage capacity, perfect for multi-family communities. The revolutionary new FranklinWH 120/208V battery solution is a game-changing addition that provides resilient backup power to homeowners whether on or off grid, day or night.”

“We are thrilled about our collaboration with Sunnova. Together, we're dedicated to integrating the 208V solution into both new multi-family constructions and existing home markets, ensuring residents have access to the most advanced and efficient energy solutions available,” said Ke Bi, COO, FranklinWH. “FranklinWH's pioneering 208V battery retains the high-performance features and advanced design of the 240V aPower, providing safety coupled with robust functionality.”

The FranklinWH 120/208V battery is out-of-the-box compliant with 208 voltage single-phase applications, fulfills California’s JA12 requirements, and is fully protected by Sunnova’s 25-year service coverage. FranklinWH solutions enhance energy management for homeowners by intelligently integrating multiple energy sources – solar, battery, generator and grid power – to optimize the safety, reliability and efficiency of home energy.

In multi-family construction, providing sufficient power to each unit is critical. The 208V aPower battery offers a 13.6 kWh capacity and four aPowers may be linked in parallel for a total of 54.5 kWh per aGate intelligent power management controller. Multiple aGates may be used to provide control for individual units and blocks of units for focused storage and power supply that provide security and stability for each household.

The companies will provide whole-home solutions to developers of new homes, bringing safe, reliable, and affordable state-of-the-art solar technology and energy storage to new homes and communities.

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