StarCharge Presenting EVSE and ESS in the RE+ Exhibition

StarCharge revolutionary charging solutions and energy storage systems takes center stage at booth 17036 within the prestigious RE+ Exhibition. As a trailblazer in sustainable energy solutions on a global scale, unwavering dedication to pioneering a greener future is showcased through innovative technologies.

Renowned for uniting top-tier renewable energy technology and solutions, the RE+ Exhibition provides the ideal platform for unveiling our extensive array of chargers and energy storage solutions. StarCharge promises an immersive encounter with high-speed EV chargers, V2G chargers, home energy storage units, commercial energy storage systems, and energy management solutions.

"Our presence at the RE+ Exhibition presents a colossal opportunity. It seamlessly aligns with our mission to propel the world's shift towards sustainable energy," enthused our CEO. " We aspire to inspire, demonstrating to all that an attainable, energy-efficient future lies within grasp through our cutting-edge charging solutions and energy storage systems."

As global leaders in EV charging and energy storage solutions, StarCharge set to unveil a dynamic range of products at the RE+ Exhibition Booth # 17036, showcasing a diverse selection of products:

AC and DC chargers: 

StarCharge lineup encompasses an array of AC and DC chargers, spanning Level 2 (32A ~ 80A) and Level 3 (30kW ~ 480kW) chargers (CCS1 and NACS connectors), designed with a wide voltage and operating temperature range. These chargers cater to residential, commercial, fleet, and public applications such as NAVI projects.

Energy storage systems:

StarCharge repertoire encompasses Residential battery systems (4kW ~ 10kW & 6kWh ~ 20kWh), Commercial battery systems (250KWh ~ 1MWh+), and V2G applications. These systems serve diverse purposes, including Backup power, Demand response, Frequency regulation, enhanced grid efficiency, and Vehicle-to-Grid applications.

Vehicle-to-grid (V2G): 

StarCharge pioneers a range of V2G / V2X products, ranging from 6kW ~ 19.2kW with CCS1 and NACS connectors. V2G technology empowers electric vehicles (EVs) to store and discharge energy back into the grid or building loads.

Famed for their remarkable speed, efficiency, and compatibility with a wide array of electric vehicles, StarCharge chargers stand as a beacon of excellence. The home energy storage units provide a viable solution for energy conservation, empowering households to optimize solar energy use. Furthermore, its commercial energy management systems are meticulously designed to facilitate sustainable energy consumption on a grand scale, both in corporate and industrial spaces.

"Our mission encompasses an energy revolution. Our solutions cater to all, from everyday electric vehicle owners to businesses striving for a sustainable future," proudly stated our CTO.

StarCharge extends a warm invitation to join us at our booth, embarking on an exhilarating journey toward a future driven by renewable and efficient energy. Together, our impact is substantial!

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