SimpliPhi Donates 1% Annual Revenue to Deliver Energy Access

Since its founding, SimpliPhi Power, a brand of Briggs & Stratton, has committed 1% of its annual revenue to people and communities in need of access to energy. In December of 2021, the Company once again invited global partners to join in this IDEA - to Deliver Energy Access - by formally submitting their projects for consideration or by committing 1% of their annual revenue to the cause. 

IDEA recipients will be awarded PHI 3.8 batteries and other balance of system equipment for projects, ranging from health clinics to remote schools in far regions of the world. "The high impact projects we've selected represent the core of this initiative, to make energy access available even in the face of significant financial, technical, and logistical challenges," states Catherine Von Burg, CEO of SimpliPhi Power. "We are not only donating critical energy storage systems, but we are creating a philanthropic community by bringing together other donors, equipment manufacturers and the technical expertise SimpliPhi Power is known for, ensuring these projects are installed and operate for years to come," Von Burg added.

SimpliPhi Power is a member of the UN Global Compact and the Unreasonable Impact Group, a UN-sponsored consortium of companies committed to fulfilling the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to address the major social and environmental issues of our times. 

The 2021 project recipients provide a deeper insight into some of the complex issues surrounding energy access and the requisite level of commitment to make an impact:

  • Remote Island Solar Schools Project: Together with Its Time Foundation, SimpliPhi will empower schools in remote Fiji to significantly reduce their energy costs by eliminating diesel generators, repurposing precious funds for school supplies, electronic equipment, and teachers' salaries.
  • The Gunchukwa Health Center Clean Energy Project: In coordination with Twende Solar, the health center serving the Gunchukwa indigenous community of Colombia, will be able to eliminate the intermittent power supply that undermines reliable health care services and have access to clean, renewable electricity 24/7.
  • Casa Chapi Lead-Acid Replacement Project: In support of Quechua Benefit's ongoing development efforts in Peru, the Casa Chapi boarding school will avoid power disruptions by replacing their failing lead-acid battery bank (installed less than four years ago) with long-lasting, safe, PHI lithium iron phosphate batteries.
  • The Reserva Nacional Tambopata Project: In conjunction with Twende Solar, this small, two-battery system will provide power for emergency care and Amazon Forest preservation tasks, through the implementation of a communication system at the Sandoval Surveillance and Control Post of the Tambopata National Reserve.
  • Mobile Solar for High-Risk Communities Project: In partnership with Empowered by Light and the Footprint Project, two mobile emergency response solar + battery trailers will be constructed for California Firefighters and first responders to provide reliable access to power during wildfires, as well as planned and unplanned power outages to support charging critical communications, medical equipment and other operations.
  • Solar Triage in Navajo & Hopi Communities Project: In support of Native Renewables, this project will provide access to reliable off-grid solar electricity paired with energy storage for families of both Navajo and Hopi communities who live and work in rural locations.

"Twende Solar could not be more pleased with the opportunity to partner with SimpliPhi Power once again, this time on one of our signature projects for 2022," remarked Marissa Johnson, Executive Director of Twende Solar. Marissa went on to add, "Twende is excited to share the impacts of both projects in full reports once they are complete."

"One of the key elements of the IDEA initiative is to demonstrate how partnerships can make a positive impact on the communities where renewable energy systems are installed," says Tom Rugg, SVP & President - Energy Solutions at Briggs & Stratton.  

"The benefits of having access to safe and reliable renewable generation and energy storage in remote, often marginalized communities extend far beyond the projects themselves," noted Matt Walker, IQ Training Coordinator with SimpliPhi Power after working with Native Renewables in 2021.  The IDEA is integral to SimpliPhi's mission and its commitment to the UN SDG's and Global Compact.

For additional information and to track the progress of the projects in the coming months, please visit the IDEA program webpage.

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