Simple and inexpensive home energy storage system

Renogy’s Lycan Power Box PRO, is a simple and inexpensive way for homeowners to upgrade their grid-tied systems to time-shift solar power and provide renewable energy backup during power outages. The Lycan Power Box PRO is a quick-ship, roll-up home battery that can be easily added to an existing rooftop solar system, usually in a few hours or less. With its rugged industrial design, the Lycan Power Box can be placed indoors or out and is transportable for use away from home. The entry-level Lycan Power Box PRO offers 4.8kWh of energy storage and is expandable to 19.2kWh. It has an on-board 5000W inverter with maximum solar input of 5500W. The Lycan also can function as a standalone, residential back-up battery for homes without solar.

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Volume: 2023 January/February