Seamless whole home energy storage system

Canadian Solar Inc.’s EP Cube is a lightweight and sleek all-in-one residential energy storage solution which is scalable and customizable from 9.9kWh to 19.9kWh capacities. Its all-in-one design with hybrid inverter and stackable battery modules, requires minimal wall space. It is lightweight and easy to install, featuring all-inclusive components and self-configuration for fast commissioning, and works with both new and retrofit, AC and DC-coupled PV systems. Up to six EP Cube units can be connected in parallel to deliver up to 119.9kWh of storage and 45.6kW output, which powers the average home with high-surge-current appliances and AC units. The EP Cube’s 6.25'' thin design requires minimal space and is fully compatible with indoor or outdoor installation thanks to its NEMA 4X rated resistance to dust and moisture. Each EP Cube battery module weighs less than 70lbs, which makes it simple to install and less costly to transport. The EP Cube is customizable to individual needs due to its modular approach. In addition, the energy storage system incorporates the Smart Gateway, an intelligent technology platform that enables automatic and seamless energy transfers for on- or off-grid use without user disruption. The EP Cube app allows for easy, real-time energy production and consumption monitoring. Homeowners have access to home energy management and over-the-air (OTA) software update services. Installers use the app to set up and troubleshoot systems. 

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Volume: 2023 January/February