Scalable charging to maximize efficiency and charge time

Nidec Industrial Solutions’ EV charger, DirectPowerPS, allows electric vehicles of any model to minimize charging times thanks to outputs available up to 360kW. This EV charging station can be used to charge two vehicles simultaneously, meaning retailers can provide more charging spaces for their consumers. Combined with Nidec’s proprietary software, customers are empowered to operate their charging network, revenue, and service at their fingertips. The company’s latest designs were made entirely in the US. Nidec’s hardware works effortlessly with its software, making the charging process user-friendly and accessible. In terms of reliability, Nidec provides on-demand, remote assistance, as well as nationwide on-site assistance. Manufactured in Cleveland, Ohio, this line of DC Fast Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment is NEVI compliant and are customizable, allowing customers to promote their brand, with their customers, as they see fit. The flagship model has a large screen that allows for advertising space as well.

Nidec Industrial Solutions |

Volume: 2024 January/February