Rugged battery connectors

Battery connectors from Weidmuller USA for BESS applications are engineered to handle high currents, allowing for efficient energy transfer and reduced power losses; designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions; are user-friendly with mechanisms that prevent accidental disconnections; contact made of copper alloy finished with silver and approved according to UL 4128 to warrant the best electrical contact with more than 100 operations of mechanical connection and disconnection (without load); on the wiring side, options for conductor cross-sections from 10mm² to 95mm²; on the mating part, a busbar where the conductor can be easily connected on the device by means of a cable lug; color coded connectors (orange = positive; black = negative) on both the connector and the mated busbar connection; connectors are key coded on both sides to alleviate the possibility of user error; and a locking mechanism to fasten the plug and the socket.

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Volume: 2024 March/April