rPlus Hydro Reaches Major Milestone on its 900-Megawatt Seminoe Pumped Storage Project

rPlus Hydro, LLLP, a national leader in the development of large-scale pumped storage hydro projects, announced the submission of a Final License Application (also referred to as a License for Major Unconstructed Project) to FERC for its 900-megawatt (MW) Seminoe Pumped Storage project located in Carbon County, Wyoming. This is a milestone that only six pumped storage projects have reached in the United Statessince the year 2000.

Seminoe Pumped Storage

Seminoe Pumped Storage

The Seminoe Pumped Storage project, which is expected to provide 10 hours of full-output energy storage capacity, represents a substantial benefit and investment in Wyoming's energy infrastructure. The project is also a crucial component to the reliability and dependability of the regional transmission grid as it moves towards greater reliance on renewable energy sources like solar and wind. With an estimated construction cost of approximately $2.5 billion, the project expects to create up to 500 highly-skilled construction jobs in Carbon County over four to six years. Once operational, the project will provide an estimated 35 full-time skilled positions to the area and generate approximately $9 million in additional annual tax revenue for state and local governments.

"Seminoe Pumped Storage will be an ideal match for Wyoming's excellent wind energy resource, and will support Wyoming's role as an energy leader," notes Matthew Shapiro, rPlus Hydro CEO. "It can also help ensure efficient utilization of new transmission lines that are, or will soon be, under construction, such as the Gateway lines and TransWest Express."

rPlus Hydro's submission of its Final License Application is the culmination of a multi-year study and approval process which includes in-depth engineering designs, environmental assessments, and community engagement. The filing of this application will kick off a robust environmental review and licensing process with local, state, and federal agencies.   

Pumped storage can be thought of as a large battery that moves water back and forth between two reservoirs at different elevations to store energy and generate power. This cycle is repeated as needed for electric power reliability and grid stability. Pumped storage enhances the grid through accepting, storing, and dispatching energy from intermittent and variable renewable sources and is a proven and tested energy storage technology, with 43 such projects currently operating across the country.

The submission of the Final License Application is the first of several major milestones for rPlus Hydro coming in 2023. The company expects to submit a Final License Application for its White Pine Pumped Storage project, a 1,000 MW project located in White Pine County, Nevada in the coming months.

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