Power Electronics and Jabil Inc. Join Forces to Produce the NEVI Compliant DC Fast Charger NB400 in the U.S.

Power Electronics, a leading company developing and producing DC fast chargers, has announced a strategic collaboration with Jabil, a global leader in electronics manufacturing services. Supported by JabilĀ“s manufacturing expertise, Power Electronics is introducing the cutting-edge NEVI compliant DC Fast Charger NB400, with a vision of revolutionizing the electric vehicle charging infrastructure in the U.S.

With a strong market presence, Power Electronics has a distinguished track record in delivering high-quality, reliable DC fast chargers. The NEVI compliant NB400, boasting an impressive 400kW charging capacity, represents the latest milestone in the company's commitment to advancing E.V. charging infrastructure.

Jabil, known for its expertise in electronic manufacturing services, will play a pivotal role in this venture. The new 400kW fast charger will be manufactured at Jabil's state-of-the-art Salt Lake City, Utah facility. This strategic partnership capitalizes on Jabil's world-class manufacturing capabilities, further enhancing the production capacity and efficiency of the NB400.

"This collaboration marks a significant step forward in our mission to provide cutting-edge solutions that accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles in USA.  By combining Power Electronics' expertise in D.C. fast charger development with Jabil's exceptional manufacturing capabilities, we are poised to deliver a game-changing product that meets the evolving needs of the electric vehicle market." said David Salvo, CEO at Power Electronics. 

The NEVI compliant DC Fast Charger NB400 aims to deliver an exceptional charging experience for E.V. owners. Its 400kW charging capacity can rapidly charge compatible vehicles, providing convenience and reducing driver downtime. The charger is designed to focus on user-friendly features, ensuring a seamless and efficient charging process.

The NEVI compliant DC Fast Charger NB400 is scheduled to begin production in September 2024, with availability for distribution across the U.S. through Power Electronics' well-established network of partners and distributors starting in October 2024.  

Power Electronics | https://power-electronics.com/en

EMS Jabil | https://www.jabil.com/