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PlugShare Surpasses 5 Million Check-Ins as Number of EV Stations on App Increases 50%

03 Aug 2022

PlugShare, the world’s leading EV community and a part of the EVgo Inc. (NASDAQ: EVGO) family since mid-2021, announced that the platform has surpassed five million check-ins worldwide. Check-ins are how drivers review their charging experience on PlugShare to help inform the EV community. With more than 600,000 charging stations listed on the platform, PlugShare’s announcement comes on the heels of its recent user milestone of reaching over two million registered users globally. As part of this rapid growth, the number of stations featured on the PlugShare app increased by 50% over the last year.

As an interactive resource for EV drivers, PlugShare enables users to easily locate and navigate to chargers, filter results by their preferred network, charging speed or connector type (CHAdeMO, CCS, J-1772, Tesla), and share real-time charging station reviews around key factors like nearby amenities or performance of the charging equipment. This community feedback directly informs a station’s PlugScore rating, which reflects the charging experience of recent drivers. A greater number of user check-ins at stations enhances the accuracy of these PlugScores, providing an increasingly valuable service as millions of new EV drivers navigate their first EV charging experiences.

“PlugShare’s interactive feedback features and planning tools are an essential part of any EV trip, and this rapidly growing community makes it easier to incorporate charging into daily routines than ever before,” said Cathy Zoi, CEO of EVgo. “With over five million check-ins to date, EV drivers are relying on PlugShare for essential, real-time information on directions to chargers, pricing and reviews from fellow drivers – mitigating concerns from would-be and first-time EV drivers and further powering the mass transition to electric.”

PlugShare has experienced exponential growth alongside the increase in DC fast charging stations worldwide. As a result of this increase, PlugShare has added nearly as many DC fast charging station locations in the first half of 2022 as it did in all of 2021, and now lists over 100,000 DCFC stations on the platform globally -- a staggering 50% increase in only one year. Furthermore, in Q2 of 2022, PlugShare’s total number of global charging station locations listed on the platform increased by 21.9% while the total number of chargers increased by 25%, marking the largest quarterly increase in the history of the platform.

“Providing valuable data and tools to help enhance the everyday EV driver’s charging experience is essential to our business, no matter where they’re charging,” said Dan Wheeler, Digital Marketing Director at PlugShare. “Our growth in overall users and engagement directly demonstrates how drivers increasingly utilize digital tools to make real-time charging decisions, and we are thrilled to see this influx in user contributions as we help to support the growth of EV adoption worldwide.”

In addition to aforementioned PlugShare features, registered users can utilize Pay with PlugShare, which allows drivers to pay for and activate public charging stations directly from the app. Users also have the option to subscribe to a paid monthly membership in order to unlock an ad-free experience when using the platform.

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