Orange, Startup Founded by Ex-Tesla Employees, Raises $2.5M to Tackle EV Charging at Apartments

Orange announced the close of its $2.5MM pre-seed round to scale affordable electric vehicle charging for apartment communities by leveraging lower-powered charging solutions. 

Founded by former Tesla engineers and backed by prominent electric vehicle investors, Orange endeavors to create an affordable charging network from the ground up that provides site owners with a compelling return on investment while maintaining equitable costs bringing EV charging to more disadvantaged communities.

Orange installs EV chargers for the lowest possible cost while providing enough energy to satisfy daily driving needs using lower-powered 120-volt and 240-volt solutions. More stations can be installed on the same circuit making EV charging possible for the maximum number of residents at any property. 

The Orange Outlet lowers the costs of EV charging for the 39 million Americans living in apartment communities by upwards of 70% over traditional charging solutions and carries little to no maintenance cost due to its simplified design. Additionally, Orange Outlets leverage the proprietary software, OrangeNet, which allows property owners to manage outlets across multiple sites with ease and brings an average return on investment of 150%, something that no other company can claim.

“Orange has achieved equitable access to electricity by re-thinking the entire process of vehicle charging by creating a system specifically for apartment communities, rather than pushing a public charging model that doesn't fit onto them.” Nicholas Johnson, Orange CEO said. 

Baukunst, a leading pre-seed firm investing at the frontiers of technology and design, led the round. They are joined by notable angel investors in the EV space including Tesla co-founders Marc Tarpenning and Martin Eberhard, Johnathan Crowder founder of the energy-focused firm Intellus Capital, and Sven Thesan, a Nobel-winning chemist.

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