Next generation EV inverter

Hillcrest Energy Technologies has completed the design concept for its next generation electric vehicle (EV) inverter. The new and improved EV inverter is optimized with Hillcrest's Zero Voltage Switching (ZVS)-enabled power module. The enhanced version provides an additional 100kW of energy compared to Hillcrest's previous prototype, leverages 350kW silicon carbide (SiC) technology and is designed for applications up to 1000V. By incorporating this new inverter, EV manufacturers can expect even higher power density, better switching performance, and improved electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). The enhancements and benefits will enable EV manufacturers to further reduce vehicle weight and component costs, making EVs more efficient and affordable. Hillcrest's SiC traction inverters utilize their ZVS technology platform, resulting in inverter efficiency of up to 99.6%. Extensive testing and simulation have demonstrated significant improvements in overall system efficiency, performance, and reliability for electric systems such as EVs, stationary energy generation, and energy storage systems. 

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Volume: 2024 January/February