Nexamp Passes the 100 MWh Milestone for Operating Energy Storage

Nexamp celebrated reaching the milestone of 100 MWh of operational energy storage capacity at the end of 2023. This operating portfolio comprises 22 projects across Massachusetts and New York and the milestone comes as Nexamp plans to add even more energy storage to its fleet in 2024 across multiple national markets. The company offers a variety of energy storage project applications ranging from commercial through distributed generation and to utility scale, covering grid services, microgrid, and behind-the-meter projects among other opportunities. 

solar and boxes

“Energy storage is increasingly important in adding value and resilience to solar energy generation, and with the addition of energy storage, each project is better able to serve the needs of the grid,” notes Mark Frigo, Vice President of Energy Storage, Nexamp. “We are seeing a vast improvement in the performance and efficiency of storage technology and expect this to continue, making it a key component of many of our projects in the future. Storage is certainly critical in making the availability of all forms of renewable energy seamless and reliable.”

“Integrating batteries is the next logical step in renewable energy deployment, but it also adds complexity to an already demanding process,” says Chris Perron, Senior Vice President of Clean Energy Deployment. “Our team has worked hard to develop a series of best practices that make it easier for our internal design, storage, and construction teams to work hand-in-hand throughout the process.” 

These first 22 projects cover a range of inverter providers, energy storage systems, and control schemes, which is why Nexamp has invested heavily in its commissioning capabilities to ensure smooth integration and operation going forward. Few companies in the Northeast have reached this operational energy storage milestone.

Nexamp is continuing to develop and implement additional storage resources, both with and without solar. The company has more than 5 GWh of storage under development or in construction across the country. 

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