New software features prevent li-ion battery fires

ACCURE Battery Intelligence announced several safety-focused functionalities in its flagship ACCURE Safety Manager solution. This introduces an intuitive battery safety scoring system, data-informed action recommendations, and active alerting across multiple communication channels. The software provides weeks of advance notice of safety-critical problems, empowering operators to act before a battery incident occurs. This lead time is critical to preventing thermal runaway events that can spark fires and explosions. The ACCURE Safety Manager accurately predicts battery problems weeks before an incident by processing large amounts of data with cloud computing. This predictive analytics software uses physics-based modeling and artificial intelligence to continuously monitor and detect over 20 safety-relevant anomalies. These include cell and module defects, battery management system (BMS) errors, and cell damage caused by environment-related factors such as poor HVAC performance. The latest ACCURE Safety Manager software release includes a safety scoring system, data-informed recommendations, and mission-critical alerts.

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Volume: 2024 January/February