Morrisville Power and Light to Enhance Reliability and Affordability with New Energy Storage Project

Morrisville Water and Light (MWL) has taken a significant step towards bolstering its reliability and ensuring affordability with the unanimous approval from its Board of Trustees for an Energy Storage Service Agreement with Encore Renewable Energy (Encore) for the development of a five-Megawatt battery storage project.

"We are thrilled to embark on this innovative partnership with Encore," said Scott Johnstone, General Manager at MWL. "This project underscores our commitment to delivering reliable, affordable, and sustainable energy solutions for our community."

The project includes the installation of a 4.96 MW battery system near the Salvage Yard Solar project, capable of providing 22,000 kWh on a full charge. This substantial capacity, approximately 60% of MWL's typical peak demand, positions MWL to leverage the batteries for various purposes, including voltage spike absorption, peak demand reduction, participation in the ISO NE capacity market, and grid resilience during emergencies such as brownouts.

Moreover, the energy storage system will enable MWL to engage in energy arbitrage, optimizing energy costs by charging the batteries during off-peak hours and discharging them during periods of high demand.

“Providing energy storage services from this system will create significant cost savings for MWL and reduce the carbon intensity of the grid during times of peak demand,” said Jesse Stowell, Encore’s Chief Commercial Officer. “This partnership is a prime example of how communities can become leaders in the clean energy transition and deliver smart energy solutions to their customers.”

“This project is a critical step forward in our transition to a clean energy future,” added Johnstone. “With the shifting landscape of energy generation in the state, including a state policy that discourages hydro power, both from Hydro Quebec and more locally our Green River hydro facility, combined with the intermittent nature of solar and wind energy, battery storage is emerging as a crucial component in enhancing reliability and managing costs so we can keep rates affordable for our customers.”

The project is scheduled to commence operations in November 2026, marking a significant milestone in MWL's journey towards a more resilient and cost-effective energy future.

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