Long range lithium-ion golf car battery

The Trojan GC2 48V Lithium-Ion Golf Battery is a long-range lithium-ion golf car battery which is ultra-durable, fast charging, powers relentlessly up hills, and is maintenance-free, giving owners the confidence that their golf car is always ready to go where they want, when they want. The Trojan GC2 48V has a proven range of 45-60 miles on a single charge with a three-battery configuration. The battery meets SAE vibration tests, lasts two to three times longer than lead-acid batteries, and is backed by an eight-year warranty. Built with one of the highest levels of protection, the battery is also protected from dust, sand, and water. Field tested for more than 100k hours, the Trojan GC2 48V meets international safety and performance standards down to the battery cell level. It is made a stable chemical formula (LFP) with redundant safety features, and its battery monitoring system self-protects against short circuits and overheating. It charges fast in two to four hours and is compatible with all leading charger brands. Golf car owners can view battery life on the batteries or via the optional dashboard battery gauge. Lithium-ion battery maintenance is as minimal as checking cable connections yearly at most. The Trojan GC2 48V can be stored up to 12 months in recommended conditions.

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Volume: 2023 March/April