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Lithium-Ion battery product line for dynamic electric boats

07 Nov 2022

American Battery Solutions, Inc. (ABS) is rolling out its high-voltage Proliance Intelligent Battery Series line as a critical component in the future of marine energy and propulsion. The Proliance Intelligent Battery Series includes several products including 350V and 650V systems with energy capacity of 50 or 100kWh with capability of connecting batteries in parallel to scale to over 400kWh applications. This modular approach enables the electrification of the entire portfolio of recreational vessels of various sizes. All ABS high-voltage batteries are designed, tested, and manufactured to the latest standards and specifications for marine, industrial, truck, and automotive applications, making them reliable sources of energy for demanding marine applications. ABS lithium-ion solutions offer a high energy density along with zero maintenance and long life.

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Volume: 2022 November/December