Lithium-ion battery charging and storage cabinets

DENIOS introduces new Ion-Charge 90 storage containers designed specifically for lithium-ion battery charging and storage. With 90 minutes of fire resistance from outside to inside (type 90 / type tested in accordance with EN 14470-1) and for more than 90 minutes fire resistance for fires from inside to outside, these purpose-built containers protect against fire hazards due to thermal runaway, deep discharge, mechanical deformation, or chemical reaction.  DENIOS Lithium-Ion Battery Charging and Storage Units are suitable for manufacturers, dealers, and distributors incorporating Li-ion batteries into their products, as well as facilities using them. The cabinets are equipped with a transport base to ensure fast transportation. Once the cabinet is outside  of the building at a safe location, rescue personnel can identify any further measures necessary. Each unit features solidly welded construction for a long service life with a triple hinge door, safety elements assembled outside the storage compartment for increased protection against corrosion, scratch- and impact-resistance, and an easy to clean surface. Lockable doors with a permanent self-closing function keep the contents safe from unauthorized personnel. Sockets for connecting chargers are included as are perforated shelves which help to dissipate heat build-up during the charging process. A collection sump located at the bottom of the cabinet is designed to catch any leakage which may occur from burning batteries. 



Volume: 2023 May/June