Lincoln Electric’s Velion 150kW DC Fast Charging Station Achieves CSA/US Certification

Lincoln Electric is proud to announce that its Velion 150kW DC fast charging station has achieved Canadian Standards Association (CSA/US) Certification to standards UL 2202, UL 2231-1 and UL 2231-2 for EV Chargers. This significant milestone underscores Lincoln Electric’s dedication to delivering the most reliable and high-performing electric vehicle DC fast charging equipment in the industry. 

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The CSA/US guarantees that Lincoln Electric’s Velion EV fast charging station adheres to stringent safety and performance standards enhancing the reliability and quality of the Velion EV charging solution. With CSA/US certification, Velion EV fast chargers are now fully compliant with U.S. safety regulations, paving the way for widespread distribution and market expansion.   

CSA/US-certified Velion DC fast charging station is designed and manufactured with safety features such as overcurrent and thermal protection, ensures efficient charging speeds and compatibility between the EV and charging system, and provides a user-friendly charging experience to the end user. 

Steve Sumner, Vice President of Corporate Innovation at Lincoln Electric, emphasizes, "Achieving CSA/US certification for the Velion 150kW DC fast charging station underscores Lincoln Electric’s unwavering dedication to safety and reliability. This milestone assures our customers that they are investing in equipment that meets the highest standards of performance and protection." 

Lincoln Electric is poised to meet the growing demand for DC fast charging solutions. This certification not only enhances the marketability of Velion EV Chargers but also positions Lincoln Electric as a trusted leader in the electric vehicle charging industry to deliver innovative, reliable DC fast charging solutions that meet the evolving needs of the market.  

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