IESA Launches India Reuse and Recycle Council (IRRC) to Develop a Robust Battery Recycling and Second-Life Applications Ecosystem in India

Taking into consideration industry recommendations on battery reuse and recycling put forth at the recently concluded India Battery Manufacturing and Supply Chain Summit 2024, India Energy Storage Alliance has launched a new -- India Reuse and Recycling Council (IRRC) -- to develop a robust battery recycling and sustainable second-life applications ecosystem in India.

The main objective of the council is to identify opportunities and challenges and prepare a roadmap for creating a sustainable ecosystem for second-life applications and the recycling of batteries. 

Mr. Debi Prasad Dash, Executive Director, IESA & Secretary of the India Reuse & Recycling Council (IRRC) mentioned that as part of its efforts, the council will work closely with policymakers, academia, R&D institutions, and with companies operating across the value chain -- from battery materials, battery disposal logistics companies, black mass producers, metal refiners, and battery recycling firms. Additionally, other activities under IRRC will include undertaking market assessments, techno-commercial analysis, policy & and regulatory analysis, evaluating business models and economics, and competition analysis. 

Further, the ambition of IRRC is global, thereby IRRC will promote global partnerships and technology transfer as part of its activities. 

Key focus areas for IRRC are:

  • Facilitate frameworks to ensure an efficient collection mechanism, second-life applications, and recycling of used batteries.
  • Domestic technology development for battery recycling and material processing
  • Policy and regulatory framework (incentives, regulations, standards) to encourage sustainable second life (refurbishing/repurposing) and recycling practices.

·         Work on circularity principles (recycling-friendly design of batteries, refurbishing/ repurposing, and using recycled materials in new cells)

  • Collaborate with global organizations to share best practices and contribute to improving battery recycling practices and standards. 
  • R&D to support research and innovation in battery recycling technologies.
  • Promoting skill development and capacity-building programs

Under IRRC, IESA will work with its member companies including Exigo Recycling, LICO Materials, Rubamin, BatX Energies, Nile Li-Cycle, Lohum, Excel Industries, ACE Green Recycling, Nunam and others. IRRC will actively engage with NITI Aayog, the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, the Ministry of Chemicals & Fertilizer, and the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB).  IESA encourages all key stakeholders to be part of the council and drive the industry to the next stage.

“The Indian Li-ion battery recycling industry is witnessing a very high growth trajectory. With huge investments, innovation in cost-effective technologies, increase in demand, and recently introduced Battery Waste Management Rules 2022, we may become the global hub for the supply of battery-grade materials in the future,” said ALN Rao, CEO of Exigo Recycling

“In our pursuit of sustainability, LICO Materials is not only committed to battery recycling and refurbishment but also places a strong emphasis on critical material recovery. By strategically integrating this process, we aim to support battery manufacturers with a stable and responsible supply of second-life raw materials, fortifying the foundation for a circular economy in the electric vehicle industry," said Gaurav Dolwani, Founder and CEO of LICO.

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