Hydrogen Infrastructure Leader GenH2 to Fuel and Launch Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)

Demonstrating its liquid on-board and its zero-loss mobile hydrogen technology, GenH2a leader in hydrogen infrastructure solutions, will fuel an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) tomorrow – Friday, February 23 – at its Titusville headquarters. By utilizing liquid hydrogen, the UAV can travel four times farther than previous capabilities. Not a typical drone, this UAV is a six-foot long octocopter and can only be flown by licensed pilots who must log hundreds of hours (similar to a small aircraft) and requires filing a flight plan with the FAA. Studies by many industry experts such as IATA and Airbus have shown that liquid hydrogen is the preferred choice and future for aviation renewable energy


WHAT: GenH2 will utilize its mobile LS20 small-scale system to fuel the UAV with liquid hydrogen. The LS20 can liquefy, store, and transfer hydrogen with zero loss, within a mobile trailer for the flexibility to provide hydrogen wherever it is needed. The UAV will hover over the company’s Titusville campus, running solely on liquid hydrogen for 15-20 minutes (this technology offers UAV flying time of up to 12 hours vs a battery max of two hours). 

The UAV flight will demonstrate the potential of future use cases for GenH2’s small-scale and onboard liquid hydrogen technology that can enable advanced clean energy anywhere, at any time. This is the first time a UAV has flown in Florida using liquid hydrogen.
WHEN: Tomorrow, Friday, Feb 23, 2024 at 10:00 am

WHERE: GenH2 HQ, 5200 S Washington Avenue, Titusville FL 32780

WHO: GenH2 leadership team, including Greg Gosnell, CEO; James Fesmire, Executive Vice President and Chief Architect; Jong Baik, Chief Technology Officer; and Sue Magi, Executive Vice President of Marketing.


  • First UAV to use liquid hydrogen in Florida
  • Advanced ‘on-board’ liquid hydrogen technology
  • End-to-end use case for liquid hydrogen provided on-site
  • Showcases the end-to-end value chain of hydrogen, with zero-loss
  • Demonstrates advanced clean energy
  • Current and future applications: fires, natural disasters, organ delivery, and more

Quote: “The demonstration of the UAV marks the beginning of a new age for small-scall and onboard liquid hydrogen,” said Greg Gosnell, CEO of GenH2. “This milestone is the first step in our journey to ensure that liquefaction and transfer technology with zero-loss is available to fuel vehicles when and where it is needed.”


GenH2 | www.discoverhydrogen.co