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Hydrogen-based substation backup power solution New!

02 Jun 2022

GenCell Energy’s GenCell REX is a hydrogen-based substation backup power solution with the X factor - eXtended runtime. The GenCell REX, an upgrade to the GenCell G5rx, produces emission-free auxiliary electricity for substations during outages that supplements or replaces legacy backup battery systems having limited duration backup power. Offering an immediate injection of power that keeps circuit breaker “auto reclosers” operational until grid recovery, the GenCell REX complies with stringent regulations requiring utilities to reinforce their backup power. GenCell has enhanced the REX solution with three configurations: 130VDC, 48VDC, and an integrated solution offering a dual output of both 130/48VDC in a single unit. This allows the GenCell REX to concurrently support critical substation loads, internal communications, and SCADA systems that monitor the utilities' operations. The enhanced REX solution improves functionality of the GenCell Remote IoT Manager software by providing improved visibility of the equipment via additional data points that can be accessed by monitoring systems.

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Volume: 2022 May/June