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High-heat SiC inverter technology

02 Jun 2022

SABIC’s new, thin gauge ELCRES HTV150A dielectric film may be used for capacitors in the traction inverters, onboard chargers, and electrical compressors of hybrid, plug-in hybrid and battery electric vehicles (xEV). The 3-micron (µm) film is 40% thinner than SABIC’s 5 µm film, enabling further volume and weight reductions and greater design flexibility through enhanced energy density for the capacitor. Like the 5 µm ELCRES HTV150A film, this thin film maintains stable performance at high operating temperatures from -40°F to 302°F (-40°C to 150°C) and addresses the critical performance gap experienced by traditional polypropylene (PP) films above 275°F (135°C).  ELCRES HTV150A dielectric film is also engineered for stable performance at frequencies up to 100kHz, while offering stable capacitance, high insulation resistance, and good dielectric performance (dielectric constant (Dk) of 2.9, dissipation factor (Df) of 0.002). Other key properties include high breakdown strength over the full temperature range, good self-healing, and excellent adhesion to aluminum and zinc. The film has been validated by customers for use with both film-foil and metalized electrodes. Capacitors built with 3 µm and 5 µm metalized films pass standard electrical and life tests at 302°F (150°C) for 2000 hours with low capacitance change and stable insulation resistance.



Volume: 2022 May/June