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High-efficiency wide band gap technology

07 Nov 2022

The Rhombus 120 provides dual-channel, simultaneous charging, and a combined high-power single-channel output option for high-power vehicles. Made in the USA, the Rhombus 120 is based on two 60kW power blocks that can run individually or in parallel. This EVSE can charge two EVs simultaneously at 60kW or a single channel of 120kW when only using one dispenser, providing a suitable charging solution for commercial use or mixed EV fleets. Designed specifically for continuous operation at rated loads, the Rhombus 120 utilizes wide band gap technology, allowing users to increase the switching frequency and decrease the size of the magnetics. Moving from heavy low-frequency transformers to SiC-based high-frequency transformers increases the efficiency and provides the same power in a 28% smaller footprint.

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Volume: 2022 November/December