Hexagon Purus Receives Order to Deliver Hydrogen Storage Systems to HPS Home Power Solutions

Hexagon Purus, a world leading manufacturer of zero-emission mobility and hydrogen infrastructure solutions, has received an order worth approximately EUR 3.8 million for hydrogen storage systems from the German company HPS Home Power Solutions AG, the world’s leading provider of year-round energy storage systems for buildings based on green hydrogen.  

Hexagon Purus’ hydrogen storage systems will be used in HPS Home Power Solutions AG’s ‘picea’ product.  Solar power from photovoltaic modules is used to provide electricity in the summer. Surplus solar power can be used to produce green hydrogen from water using an electrolyser, providing electricity in the winter. The storage and use is completely emission-free.

four canisters/tanks

Driving Energy Transformation 

“Our high-pressure hydrogen storage systems are flexible and scalable, suitable for a wide range of applications, such as storing baseload energy from solar plants” says Matthias Kötter, Managing Director & Sitelead. “We are proud to once again be selected to support HPS, a long-standing partner of Hexagon Purus.”

About the market

The power and building energy sectors account for close to 40% of annual carbon emissions globally, and hydrogen has a significant role to play in reducing these emissions, particularly as baseload electricity from renewable electricity sources such as solar and wind. Making green hydrogen available for use in power and building energy is critical to reducing carbon emissions. 

As hydrogen, a key contributor to the energy transition, continues to build momentum globally, more than 30 countries have released hydrogen roadmaps. According to the Hydrogen Council, the number of announced hydrogen projects grew in 2023 by about 35% to over 1,400, equaling USD 570 billion investments. Green hydrogen is projected to supply up to 25% of the world's energy needs by 2050.


The hydrogen storage systems are scheduled for deliveries from Q2 2024.

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