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HEVO Awarded Largest Public Wireless EV Charging Order to Date as Part of $10M Clean Neighborhoods Challenge to Bring Electric Transit to NYC's Underserved Communities

17 Nov 2022

As part of the $10 million award to Dollaride under the $85 million New York Clean Transportation Prizes program for the Clean Transit Access Program (CTAP), HEVO will initially supply 105 wireless EV charging stations to support safe, simple, and seamless charging of "dollar van" commuter fleets. Over 120,000 daily commuters, which would fill approximately 1,600 MTA buses, rely on a network of dollar vans to connect them to public transit hubs within the city. The $10 million CTAP prize, leveraged with financing from BlocPower, will fund the electrification of these fleets including the charging infrastructure from HEVO.

CTAP will provide several benefits to the dollar van industry and the communities that it serves, including (1) establishing wireless charging infrastructure at highly trafficked retail locations that will seamlessly charge wireless-enabled fleets at night, (2) simultaneously offering plugin charging infrastructure to local communities for charging during the day, and (3) generating charging revenue that will be equitably distributed among CTAP and community partners.

"Part of our mission is to make clean transportation universally accessible. By providing seamless wireless charging for CTAP drivers, we ensure a full charge every morning and simultaneously serve the community during the day with plugin charging using our hybrid wireless and plugin infrastructure," said Jeremy McCool, HEVO's Founder & CEO.

HEVO's award-winning Rezonant wireless charging hardware is the only charging solution on the market that offers wireless-equipped fleets with cord-free charging overnight and local community members with traditional plugin charging during the day. Notably, the development of this technology was supported by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), which also administers the $85 million New York Clean Transportation Prizes program.

Mr. McCool noted: "CTAP allows HEVO to establish a future-proof wireless and plugin network in our home city of New York and ensure outer boroughs are not left behind during this transition to clean mobility. We are thrilled to be working with Dollaride, BlocPower, and Build Edison to make CTAP a reality."

Founded in 2011, HEVO Inc. is a Brooklyn-based company focused on dramatically improving the EV charging experience for all stakeholders. Our mission is to eliminate fossil fuel use in the transportation system and modernize the grid with wireless charging and software.