Harvest Thermal's Smart Battery HVAC Wins Major Efficiency Award at CEE ‘23

Bay Area climate tech startup Harvest Thermal has achieved another level of recognition in the energy efficiency ecosystem. Its smart thermal battery won the Consortium of Energy Efficiency’s Integrated Home Competition award, putting it closer to top-of-mind for installers, homebuilders, and homeowners looking to dramatically reduce emissions from homes.

The Integrated Home Competition recognizes newly available products that will work to achieve CEE’s vision of a comfortable, convenient, connected home. It promotes devices and systems that meet consumer expectations in terms of interoperability, reliability, and simplicity of use with an emphasis on delivering energy performance and demand savings.

“It’s a proud moment for the team at Harvest Thermal to take the top prize in what is essentially Center Court of the energy efficiency world,” said CEO Jane Melia. “It’s quite an honor to earn the recognition of utility experts who must ensure the delivery of reliable, cost-effective electricity that is safe for a livable planet.

By decarbonizing home heating and hot water, Americans can slash 10% of national emissions and ⅔ of their lifestyle emissions. Harvest’s integrated home heating and hot water solution cuts emissions by 90% compared to gas equipment and lowers bills by 30% on average. Harvest is proud to be recognized as a leading solutions provider for anyone who owns and heats their home or water.

Consortium for Energy Efficiency | https://cee1.org/

Harvest Thermal | https://www.harvest-thermal.com/