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Full-cell batteries from coal composite New!

14 Sep 2022

X-BATT has combined coal with its low-cost, resin-based technology to create full-cell batteries. Early tests in full coin cells show that the company’s batteries, utilizing this coal composite anode material, have reached over 400 cycles. X-BATT has also scaled-up this technology, with the help of the Battery Innovation Center, into single layer pouch cells that have surpassed 100 cycles and are continuing to perform well. The benefits of this new material don’t stop at its increased performance, this technology could also lead to a domestic source for anode material, helping the United States reduce reliance on foreign countries for the critical materials necessary to support the increased demand for electrification. To help further its research, the Department of Energy’s National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) awarded Semplastics, X-BATT’s parent company a $1 million contract to produce polymer derived ceramic composite anodes using coal as a carbon source for lithium-ion batteries. The company has discovered that adding a carbon source, such as coal, to the PDC material offers stability and normalizes charge / discharge behavior, improving cycling life and decreasing nominal voltage.



Volume: 2022 September/October