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Flexible high-power charger

15 Jul 2021

JOLT Energy’s MerlinOne is a mobile and flexible charging station. Its high-power technology enables fast charging and due to its integrated battery, cities now have the ability to establish a high-power charging infrastructure, without the typical construction work. The charging capacity of the MerlinOne station, developed in cooperation with ADS-TEC in Germany, enables drivers to top-up their average weekly driving distance in just 10 to 15 minutes. The flexibility of MerlinOne derives primarily from its ability to be connected to the electricity grid in three 3 different ways, taking account of local grid conditions. Its island mode is particularly flexible. High-power charging stations can be placed exactly where they are needed, without any concern for the quality of the existing electrical infrastructure. Typical locations include inner city streets, supermarkets, gas stations, restaurants, or even churches and schools. A grid connection is not necessary, because MerlinOne’s integrated 200kWh battery storage provides the power. When the battery is almost empty, the complete MerlinOne charging station is exchanged for a fully charged unit. MerlinOne has two additional operating modes both of which involve a grid connection. When connected to the low voltage grid, the integrated battery storage operates as the basis for fast charging. It is continuously charged via the power grid and releases the electricity as needed in a very short time. This not only enables high-power charging at low voltage, but also avoids costly network expansion, for example on city streets or at gas stations. The third option is to connect the MerlinOne to the medium voltage grid, allowing the charger to operate continuously at high-power, while at the same time providing charger-to-grid (C2G) services. 

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Volume: 2021 July/August