Fire-suppressant packaging to transport, store, and recycle lithium-ion batteries 

Packaging and Crating Technologies (PACT) has developed a patented, fire-suppressant packaging wrap called PACT Thermo Shield designed to control lithium battery thermal runaway, which causes dangerous and oftentimes deadly fires.  It has passed the proposed testing standards of the SAE International for safety in shipping lithium-ion batteries via land, sea, and air. PACT Thermo Shield is a lightweight, pleated, paper material with a non-toxic, moisture vapor application that prevents thermal runaway. If thermal runaway occurs, the protective PACT Thermo Shield wrap immediately cools the internal environment of the package, while limiting oxygen around the payload. This process prevents the thermal runaway from spreading to other areas of the package, thus, suppressing a potential fire and shielding the surrounding environment from damage. In the event of a fire, PACT Thermo Shield is capable of containing temperatures up to 1500°F (800°C), while restricting the temperature outside of the wrap to 140°F (60°C). PACT has also recently designed a special product for E-mobility batteries, the PACT Thermo Shield TR Sleeve, in which its specially-coated, fire-suppressant paper is wrapped around each battery cell to mitigate thermal runaway between them, thus serving as a heat and flame barrier. The PACT Thermo Shield also provides an eco-friendly way to ship or transport products safely to a battery recycler. The company developed a smaller product, the TR Envelope, to safely transport and store recyclable smaller devices such as cell phones, pagers, smartwatches, and A-D batteries. 



Volume: 2024 January/February