Falcon Ridge Lithium Partners with Zelandez on the Salton Sea Lithium Brine Development Project

Falcon Ridge Lithium ("Falcon Ridge") is pleased to announce the selection of Zelandez, a global leader in lithium brine development, as its technical partner for the development of the Falcon Ridge Lithium project. Zelandez brings extensive experience to the project, specializing in advanced technologies and expert solutions for lithium brine exploration and development. With a proven track record across Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, the USA, and Canada, Zelandez serves a majority of the world's lithium brine producers and explorers.

Falcon Ridge holds a significant land portfolio exceeding 2,200 acres within the Imperial Valley California known as the “Lithium Valley,” a region known for its abundance of high-grade lithium resources. The project is poised to become a critical contributor to domestic lithium production in the United States, supporting the clean energy transition and national security.

The Falcon Ridge Lithium project is focused on exploration, extraction, and processing of lithium brine resources to meet the growing global demand for electric vehicles (EVs) and other industrial applications. The facility has the potential to produce over 10,000 tons of lithium carbonate and lithium hydroxide annually.

Through this partnership, Falcon Ridge will leverage Zelandez's expertise to conduct pre-feasibility studies, further define the lithium resource, and design production flow sheets. This will expedite the project timeline and facilitate a rapid path to commercial operation.

"We are excited to partner with Falcon Ridge Lithium on this strategic project," said Kerry McCallum, Zelandez US Country Manager. "Located in the heart of the Lithium Valley, the Falcon Ridge project is critical for securing a domestic supply of lithium for the United States and enabling a clean energy future."

"Zelandez's comprehensive technical services and proven track record were instrumental in our selection process," concluded Shawn Helda, CEO of Falcon Ridge. "We are confident that this partnership will ensure the efficient and rapid development of the Falcon Ridge Lithium project."

Zelandez | https://www.zelandez.com/