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EvoCharge Releases 40 Amp EV Charging Stations

15 Nov 2022

EvoCharge, an industry leader in Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) and cable management solutions, announced it haslaunched its line of 40A charging stations. Available now, these powerful products offer several advantages for residential home and commercial charging.  

  • The 40-amp models charge have a higher power output and can charge up to 30 miles of range per hour. 
  • These new models are equipped with ethernet ports which provide greater security and a hardline connection where WiFi signal is unreliable.
  • The 40-amp chargers accommodate vehicles with bigger batteries, which is important as auto manufacturers introduce EVs with longer ranges enabled by larger batteries.

“Adding 40-amp chargers to the EvoCharge portfolio positions us at the forefront of the EV charging market,” said Manish Virmani, vice president of sales and marketing for EvoCharge. “It gives our customers across North America additional choices for charging their vehicles and future-proofs their charging stations as EV battery capacities increase.”


Just as with the 32-amp products, the new 40-amp units require a 240-volt connection. A 50-amp circuit is recommended for optimal operation; however, the chargers can also be set to limit the power to 16-amps, 24-amps, or 32-amps if the circuit they are installed on cannot deliver the full 40 amps. 

The 40-amp chargers feature the same modern, compact design as the EvoCharge 32-amp versions, are NEMA 4 rated for indoor and outdoor use and are perfect for use with the EvoCharge cable retractor for cable management. The iEVSE Home 40 will be available for use with the EvoCharge smart charging app and web portal, available for Android and Apple devices. The app lets you schedule charging, start/stop charging, view usage history and more. In addition, the 40-amp units will be equipped with an ethernet port, offering a higher level of security for owners who prefer to use hardwired communication or have an unreliable WiFi connection.  

It is worth noting that while 40-amp chargers are more advanced and more powerful, 32-amp chargers are still relevant and will be for many years. 32-amp charging stations provide up to 25 miles per hour charged, which is sufficient for most drivers.

The 40-amp models are available from the EvoCharge online store, Amazon, and distributors throughout the US and Canada. For more information, visit and the individual product pages,

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