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EvoCharge Launches Mobile DC Fast Power Station

14 Mar 2023

EvoCharge, an industry leader in Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) and cable management solutions, is proud to announce the launch of its new Mobile DC Fast Power Station delivering up to 50kW of power. This heavy-duty charging system provides fast charging for all types of electric vehicles throughout North America. 

Evocharge chargerThe Mobile DC Fast Power Station provides fleet operators with a flexible solution for keeping their electric fleet fully charged. Mounted on a pair of wheels and powered by a 16ft long power cable, the Mobile DC Fast Power Station can be relocated within the facility or outside in the parking lot to deliver 50kW of charging power to rapidly replenish a vehicle to return to service. This charging system is capable of network connection via WiFi or LTE to provide charging data and access control in real-time and time-based reporting. Two models are available: a 500V model for charging EVs with 400V architecture, and an 800V model for medium to heavy duty vehicles with 800V battery architecture.

Automotive dealerships and service centers installing infrastructure to support EVs will appreciate the ability to quickly recharge EVs located outside or in service bays. The portable nature of the Mobile DC Fast Power Station means that you can bring charging power to the location it is needed rather than install permanent DCFC stations. Available in a single or dual charging cable configuration, one unit can conveniently charge EVs located in adjacent service bays. Returning vehicles to customers “fully charged” at the end of service is a customer experience enhancement that will support building EV customer loyalty.

"We’re excited to enter the DC fast charging arena with our new Mobile DC Fast Power Station. We see numerous applications for this product because of its fast-charging features and mobility,” said Tom Moser, President, Phillips & Temro Industries.

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