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Enhanced protection and safety in PV and battery energy systems

15 Nov 2020

Alencon Systems LLC has launched a new installation option for its BOSS and SPOT lines of galvanically isolated DC:DC converters, the FEED (fused electrical disconnect). The FEED is an integrated unit installed with a SPOT or BOSS device in the factory. The FEED allows for a variety of interconnection and fusing options for Alencon’s DC:DC products. The FEED offers end users flexibility in deploying Alencon’s products. The FEED allows the user to specify the type of terminations on both the input and output of the device, including either screw terminals or PV connectors, appropriately rated disconnects and fuses as well as ground fault indication and fusing. The FEED has been specifically designed to simplify the deployment of Alencon devices across a broad variety of applications including repowering aged PV systems, DC coupling solar plus storage, EV charging, and integration with fuel cells, among others. 

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Volume: 2020 November/December