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EnergyHub Partners with Potomac Edison on EV Charging Station Program to Encourage Off-Peak Charging

03 Mar 2021

EnergyHub, the leading provider of distributed energy resource (DER) solutions for utilities, is providing incentive management and secure data collection capabilities for Potomac Edison’s EV Driven electric vehicle charging station program in Maryland. EnergyHub provides financial rewards for customer adoption of connected charging infrastructure and charging during off-peak hours while also providing consolidated charging data that has the potential to shift charging load in the future.  

EnergyHub’s platform helps remove barriers to participating in EV charging programs by collecting usage data through a secure software integration with customer-owned residential charging equipment rather than requiring additional EV-specific meters. 

EnergyHub’s Mercury DERMS enables utilities to adopt a customer-centric approach to leverage EV charging as a flexible asset. The platform allows utilities to monitor and coordinate EV charging. EnergyHub provides utilities with solutions for EV management including monitoring, forecasting and Times-of-Use (TOU) enablement. 

“We’re excited to work with Potomac Edison on an EV charging program that accommodates customer choice of equipment, provides financial rewards to customers and has the potential to mitigate system peaks,” said Seth Frader-Thompson, President of EnergyHub. “The off-peak charging component of the EV Driven program will help Potomac Edison better manage the impacts of consumer charging behavior, both now and in the future.”  

EV Driven is a five-year pilot program approved by the Maryland Public Service Commission to help make electric vehicle adoption more accessible, convenient and affordable for Potomac Edison customers and help benefit the state’s environment by reducing auto emissions. Potomac Edison customers can learn more about the EV Driven program and sign up for the charging station rebates and off-peak incentives at 

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