EnergyHub Partners with Emporia to Maximize Utility Customer Hardware Choice for EV Managed Charging Programs

A new partnership between EnergyHub, the industry’s most experienced provider of distributed energy resource management systems (DERMS), and Emporia, a Colorado-based smart home energy management technology company, will provide utility customers access to a faster charging system that saves money and is compatible with all EV makes and models.  

More than 80 percent of EV owners prefer charging at home if they have access to a charger. Nationwide, utilities using the EnergyHub EV platform are answering the call by growing the number of electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) models eligible for program participation, expanding utility customer choice and supporting utility programs designed for grid reliability and customer savings.

“The Emporia integration furthers EnergyHub’s commitment to maximizing hardware choice for utility customers, while making enrollment in utility programs easier than ever through Emporia’s in-app enrollment flow,” said Matt Johnson, VP of Business Development at EnergyHub. “We’re excited to roll out Emporia’s technology in Dominion Energy’s managed charging program this summer, and to scale to additional utility programs soon.”

Through the EnergyHub EV platform, the Emporia Level 2 EV Charger enables utility customer participation in managed charging, behavioral charging, and charging analytics programs. The Emporia system also provides a stronger charge (48 amps), and a longer cable (24 feet) than any other Level 2 EV charger at that same price point, as well as a total smart home energy management integration. 

“We are all about saving customers money on their energy bills,” said Shawn McLaughlin, Chief Executive Officer, Emporia. “Our strategic partnership with EnergyHub only furthers that mission of savings through innovation and we couldn’t be more thrilled to be working together.”

EnergyHub has more than one million devices under management, and increased the number of electric vehicles participating in EnergyHub EV programs by more than 200 percent in 2022.  Program growth through incorporation of innovative technologies like Emporia’s will allow utilities to unlock grid value from EVs and optimize program performance, all while delighting customers.  

EnergyHub is an independent subsidiary of (NASDAQ: ALRM), the leading platform for the intelligently connected property.

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