Energy ecosystem provides increased reliability and performance

SMA America’s Home Energy Solution includes the Sunny Boy Smart Energy (SBSE) hybrid inverter, SMA Energy Meter, optional Backup Secure, the SMA 360° app, SMA ShadeFix, and the SMA Energy app. At the heart is the new Sunny Boy Smart Energy hybrid inverter. This 2-in-1 hybrid inverter can be equipped with SMA’s Backup Secure and provides a flexible solution that empowers homeowners to generate solar power and power key appliances when the grid is down. The SMA Home Energy Solution can grow with a household's needs, starting with a PV-only system and storage added later. The DC-coupled battery design with 200% DC to AC oversizing capabilities, along with three MPPTs, empowers designers and installers with flexibility, as this solution only requires adding PV sizing to the main service panel. Included in the solution is an Integrated System Manager, which allows management and monitoring of up to 4 inverters, energy meter, and batteries. Also included is SMA ShadeFix, a technology that optimizes PV system energy production in every situation, especially in complex array designs, and when solar panels are shaded. For installers, the Home Energy Solution is easy to handle, install, and commission, with a slim design, and single-bolt wiring access. The intuitive SMA 360° app gives an easy way to plan, commission, monitor, and service systems. The app enables a single entry of customer and consumption data, which allows for visualization of energy balances and potential savings. Up-to-date technical data is available, and systems may be monitored in real-time, easing service and potential system downtimes from a mobile device. This SMA 360° app plus the Sunny Portal powered by ennexOS and SMA Smart Connected work together to put control and peace of mind directly into the hands of the installer and the homeowner. The simplicity of the system was engineered for safety, certified to both UL standards and NEC 2023/2020 code, in addition to featuring SMA ShadeFix, SMA ArcFix, and ground fault protection.

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Volume: 2023 September/October