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Electriq Power’s Intelligent Energy Storage & Operational Software Compatible with California’s Demand Side Grid Support Program

10 Nov 2023

Electriq Power Holdings, Inc. (“Electriq”) (NYSE:ELIQ), a trusted provider of intelligent energy storage and management solutions for homes and small businesses, announced its battery storage system, the PowerPod 2 and proprietary operational software, is compatible with California’s new Demand Side Grid Support (DSGS) program. 

DSGS is a California statewide program introduced by the California Energy Commission. It incentivizes owners of distributed energy resources (DERs), such as battery storage systems, to discharge excess energy to the grid and help stabilize it during periods of high demand. The discharged energy helps prevent wide-spread power outages, allowing essential community resources, such as banks, grocery stores and gas stations to operate without disruption, and helps families stay safe and comfortable in their homes. 

Electriq’s system was recently tested during the 2023 DSGS program period, during which the PowerPod 2 systems currently in the field were called upon to provide support and successfully completed the test. 

Owners of the PowerPod 2 can begin earning money using their battery storage system through the new virtual power plant (VPP) program. With Electriq’s proprietary software, owners have the capability to ensure they’re optimizing their stored energy to achieve the energy resilience goals they desire — from retaining sufficient backup power and utilizing stored energy during peak electric rates, to participating in grid services programs. 

“Electriq continues to develop our software technology, designed to balance the complex and dynamic needs of customer bill management, customer resiliency, and grid resiliency as it relates to how solar energy is stored and discharged in a post NEM 2.0 world,” said Frank Magnotti, Electriq’s Chief Executive Office. “Achieving this balance is not an easy undertaking, and it requires the right mix of technology and expertise to ensure the effective optimization of both customer and grid needs. We will continue to innovate with a dedicated focus on becoming a leader in the industry in this regard.”  

Electriq has Sustainable Community Networks programs under the PoweredUp brand with a number of municipalities in California and Connecticut. These programs allow homeowners to install solar + battery storage systems in their homes at zero upfront costs, breaking down entry barriers to clean energy. There is no income, FICO score or property lien requirement to participate, allowing all households, regardless of social class, to participate. The Sustainable Community Networks program will be essential as utilities begin to rely more heavily on distributed energy resources. 

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