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Eguana Expands License Agreement with Pineapple Energy

22 Mar 2023

Eguana Technologies (TSX.V: EGT) (OTCQB: EGTYF) announces it has expanded its license agreement with Pineapple Energy to include the E-Gear EMC, the onsite energy management system used in its energy storage product line. Eguana had previously licensed the cloud-based elements of the E-Gear solution. This expanded license provides Eguana with direct control of the connection between the Eguana Cloud and its proprietary PCS, completing the full software stack from user interface and utility APIs all the way through to the embedded power controls and battery management systems.

“We are very pleased to further advance this agreement with long time partners at Pineapple Energy to bring all the elements of ESS software and electronics design under our control,” said Brent Harris, Chief Operating Officer at Eguana. “We are already accelerating enhancements and tighter control of development will enable us to provide customer-driven updates quickly and provides more seamless and responsive VPP solutions. We also look forward to exploring new avenues of collaboration between our two companies.”

“The Eguana relationship is the cornerstone of our effort to establish our proprietary technology line of business, which is a natural complement to our sales, installation and servicing business,” said Pineapple CEO Kyle Udseth. “Eguana is a leader in energy storage systems, and our ‘Intel Inside’ role in their products ensures that we can both contribute to, and benefit from, their success.”

The Energy Management System (EMS) is a key component of any Energy Storage System that makes local control decisions and provides a secure IoT link to the Eguana Cloud, where fleet operating data is stored. The Eguana Cloud will enable full VPP operational control through remote signals based on grid operator or homeowner specific needs.

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