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Duracell Is Scouting for Life-Hackers, Makers and Modders to Launch First Ever Duracell Labs

21 Sep 2022

Duracell, America’s #1 trusted battery brand has announced a search for the first ever team of ‘Duracell Labs Techs’ – an exciting opportunity to create content for the new Duracell TikTok channel, with $15,000 USD in compensation for a 3-month position. Duracell Labs helps support with the brand’s mission to being #EngineeredForMore. Duracell Labs Techs will provide people with useful tips, tricks and life hacks so that people can spend more time getting more out of the moments that matter most.

The application process for the Duracell Labs Tech is now open, running through the end of October. The brand is searching for a maximum of three, up-and-coming social media content creators who will make, mod, create and test hacks to give viewers more of what matters to them, as part of the brand’s commitment to being #EngineeredForMore. From ideating and experimenting, to filming and posting video content, they’ll experience it all, working out of the new ‘Duracell Labs’ workshop in New York City.

Ideal candidates will fit the following criteria:

  • They are comfortable talking on camera and improvising with others.
  • They know what’s trending on TikTok and inform friends and followers on the newest challenges, sounds, and more.
  • They have experience building, modeling or making devices and machines.
  • They consider themselves to be a self-proclaimed “nerd” who loves questioning, testing hypotheses and learning new things.
  • They are a self-starter who enjoy a non-traditional workplace where each day is different.
  • They are a strong communicator with an innate desire to ask questions and solve problems.
  • They are interested in one or more of the following subject areas: science, engineering, lifehacks, gaming, and outdoor adventure.

“Duracell is committed to bringing a better battery to life. With help from our Duracell Labs Techs, we will be able to provide useful, innovative and helpful hacks for our viewers to power more moments when it matters most - truly the definition of #EngineeredForMore,” says Michelle Potorski, Vice President, Global Brand Operations & North America Marketing, Duracell. “We look forward to reviewing submissions and seeing the exciting content our Labs Techs come up with!”

Duracell has enlisted the help of notable TikTok creators MuhtanyaCameron HughesKate BaconBig Weird World and Ryder Calm Down to spread the call for applications and details about the position.

For more information on how to become a ‘Duracell Labs Tech’ visit:

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